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Business to Business

Worldwide business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce reached $145 billion in 1999. By 2004 it is projected to reach $7.29 trillion with North America accounting for nearly 40% of this (source : Gartner Group). A significant proportion of business has been carried out for many years electronically by using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), proprietary purchasing systems and email.

Auction Sites

B2B auction sites can work in much the same way as consumer auction sites and are often used to sell off surplus inventory. Another type of B2B site that is perhaps not so obvious is the B2B Community Site. Doing business is not always about actual business transactions. There are other business activities like research, and political lobbying, or even just informally exchanging ideas, where it is useful for businesses to get together, and the Web of course is the ideal medium for bringing people together. There are many industry-specific sites that exist purely to act as a centre of interest for particular industries.

Build a community

Its one thing attracting customers to your site, but generating repeat business is essential in developing a commerce site. Where appropriate, “community” features such as bulletin boards, newsletters and regular competitions can encourage customers to return to a site.

Use a good hosting service

Nothing puts customers off a site more than a slow or unreliable response. Webhosting can be quite cheap, and it is often worth paying just a little more for a hosting service with a good reputation and fast reliable links to the Net. Hosting services can be compared and contrasted at The Ultimate Web Host List

Company Strategy towards EC

There are three basic strategies

1) Lead

2) Wait

3) Experiment


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