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10 Tips to Improve Your Site


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10 Tips to Improve Your Site
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10 Tips to Improve Your Site

Whether you use your website as a means of selling goods or just as a corporate brochure interface, websites have become a fundamental part of any business. Itís not therefore surprising that 70% of businesses have a website.

Yet, with the market and technology forever evolving, how does a small to medium sized business make sure that their website remains competitive?

Recently launched business, Lydie-Design Studio Ltd, has devised ten top tips on how you can maximise your website chances to achieve great success for 2008.

1. Have a plan.

Establish what the main purpose is for the website. Set out your main goals and make sure that they are fulfilled.

2. Establish measures of success.

Is your website driving enough traffic? Check accurate measurements of visitor usage and interactions regularly.

3. Promote yourselves!

A website can be used as an online brochure. Update your clients and customers as to your recent success and testimonials. If you donít tell them no one else will!

4. Introduce your brand.

Have a unique logo and slogan for your productís brand. Make it eye-catching yet easy to read. Complicated brands will make the website look crowded.

5. Deliver valuable content and keep it fresh.

Updating your website regularly will keep clients coming back for a visit.

6. Make your website easy to use for the general public.

Make a simple click-away home page that is consistent with the other pages of the site. The easier it is to navigate the more likely they are to stay and browse through your website.

7. Allow e-commerce sales.

The proportion of businesses that sold over the internet doubled between 2002 and 2005. Make sure your website provides easy to find buttons for your customers to purchase products from your site.

8. Build a customer list and use it.

Create a database of possible clients and use to keep an on-going communication relationship.

9. Regularly promote your website!

No one will look at your website unless you make them aware of it! Make sure that your website is on various search engines and on all your Marketing literature.

10. Donít overload your website with too much copy.

Less is more as they say. Try to avoid large amounts of text on your website; it can often turn the customer off. Break it up into small amounts, which is easy to read.


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