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  1. Online Store

  2. Payment Processing

  3. Shipping/Order Fulfilment

  4. Customer Service

  5. Promotion


Online Store

The obvious requirement is an on-line store, or commerce-enabled website where goods or services can be described and selected.

Payment Processing

While it is possible to run an on-line store without accepting on-line payments, this is cumbersome and rarely successful. Accepting on-line payments is therefore essential- and at the moment this means credit cards.

Shipping/Order Fulfilment

ok, so you've made your sale and now you've got to deliver the goods. Just package them up and ship them off. Easy - except what happens if you get dozens or hundreds of orders a day?

Customer Service

Support, Complaints, Returns - the biggest complaint about E-commerce is the poor level of customer service in the event of problems.


Even if you do everything else right, without successful promotion your on-line business will fail.



This page was quoted from
Getting Started With Electronic Ecommerce,,
David Kilgour, 01/06/08