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Be Consistent

  • In the use of colours throughout the site

  • In the location and order of Navigation

  • In the use of fonts


  • The use of bells and whistles

  • The width of lines of text

  • The height of blocks of text

  • The number of times an animation will loop

  • The use of scrolls that distract or misdirect the eye.

  • The size and number of graphics

  • The number of clicks to any given page

  • The number of colours used on the website

  • The use of table borders

Always Provide

  • An off switch for music

  • A non-flash version of flashed sites

  • Instant visibility of the most important links and information

  • Meaningful text labels for all links and images

  • The file size for downloads or large graphics

  • Sufficient contrast between background and text

  • Meaningful and well-organized content

  • Intuitive navigation

  • A thoroughly tested site


  • Underline text - it will be confused with links

  • Force visitors in to using the back button of their browser

  • Rely on mouse-overs to labels links

  • Place text on top of loud or busy backgrounds




This page was quoted from
Getting Started With Electronic Ecommerce,,
David Kilgour, 01/06/08