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On-Line Stores

Design an E-Commerce site on-line the WYSIWYG way.

The first free all-in-one e-business centre for small businesses.

Powerful and free E-Commerce site.


On-Line payments

Find the best rates to accept credit cards for your on-line storefront or offline


A leading Internet credit card processor. One of the E-Commerce web sites that you just have to check out.

You don't have to go through the hassle of opening a Merchant account.



There are a large number of shipping companies around. This site is a good example of the kind of services that are on offer.


Customer Service

Provide your visitors with direct communication to a human being on your site - and the service is free.

Looking for a Web-based support product? This article from Integral Solutions Corporation will help you choose.



There's a wealth of invaluable advice on this site on how to promote your on-line business.

Microsoft's small business site has one of the best selections of promotional tools on the Net.


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David Kilgour, 01/06/08